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Expense Pay - Cash Reimbursment



There is an employee that has 11 expense reports going back to 2021 and saying they have not been reimbursed for any of them. This was first brought to our attention last week. All indications are that the reports were paid. The reports have payment confirmation and transaction numbers. 


Has anyone else run into this situation? I am just looking for a way to validate if payments maybe went to another account? Or if there is something I can look at for additional confirmation.  We use Worldline. 


I understand most companies would not investigate claims from 2 years ago so that is not an option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry

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I would confirm which bank account is set up in his profile. Every time this situation has occurred it's because they think it's going to a specific account but it's going to another. Also, even though we've explained to everyone that reimbursements are paid separately from payroll, many still confuse the two and look for it with their pay statement. Additionally, you can check to make sure their bank account has been confirmed. 


Good luck!