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Expense File Export - Vendor Description Issue

When I close an expense report batch the Expense File Export is generated with a CSV format. I am experiencing an issue with the file populating all the necessary data, particularly for the Vendor Description field. The data will populate for most rows of data, but will be blank for others.

I am not sure if this is a system bug or if it is something caused on the user side, but I'm hoping to resolve this so that we can better use this great feature 🙂



Additional Information:

-Other fields on the Expense File Export seem to be populating without issue, including Report Submit Date, Employee ID, Transaction Date, etc.

-The missing vendor descriptions do not appear to be remarkably different from the ones that do appear, for example the length of the string does not seem to be a factor.

-I am navigating to the batch closing process by hovering over Administration in the top right of the home screen, then clicking Company --> Tools, then Payment Manager --> Monitor Batches. From there all the batches appear with the option to close each batch.


Key Words:
Expense File Export

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