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Expense Error (Financial Posting Fail)

I'm new to Concur. Last month I submitted an expense that got approved from my direct supervisor but on the claim it says this.

  • Posting failed. Check audit trail for detailed error messages.
  • Please ensure a valid bank account is updated on your SuccessFactors profile. This information is needed to make payment for all cash reimbursements. If this information is missing or inaccurate cash reimbursements will be delayed or not completed.
    I sent that to my supervisor and he said to check my banking info in SuccessFactors to make sure it was correct. I did that and everything was correct. He doesn't know what to do and it won't let me manually add my bank info on Concur itself. Don't really know what to do and I can't find the answers in the message boards.
Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi, as a Concur user commenting on your issue:

We have a lot of these kind errors in our company, usually there is a problem with bank details in SuccessFactors end. Check that your bank account details are in its full format (SWIFT and BIC) and account without any spaces, also check bank country. If any corrections made to SF, it takes 1 day to update information from SF to Concur.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@danohaggard I always recommend contacting either your Payroll, Finance or Accounting departments. They are usually in charge of reimbursements.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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