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Expense Delegate dropdown view



It is so convenient for the Expense delegates to use the dropdown list by their profile icon to show the different users the expense delegate has to access to manage those user's expenses. 


I have received numerous complaints from admins that the list of names in the dropdown "disappear" every week.  The admins or expense delegates have to search the names again.  It seems the system is not retaining the names as before. 


Is anyone experiencing this problem?



Maria Steen
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Delegates at our company are not having that issue.  The list of delegates remain in the list of selections.

Routine Member - Level 3

Dear Maria,

I would imagine is more an IT matter, in a way, I would verify first with the admin if they had clear their browsing history, if the answer is NO, I would check with the IT department if they clear browsing history for employees periodically. As I don't think it could be an issue from Concur, but curious to know.



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Maria,

Sometimes it may happen due to system slowness. You can advise them to wait for some time post getting to the home page and then select the name from the dropdown.

We have observed that first name selection takes time but the later system works as per expectation.

Hope it  helps


Routine Member - Level 1

Thanks to everyone for your insights!


I found out there is a bug in the system that makes the list of names in the expense delegate for the dropdown reset itself.  


Concur R&D has it in their list of things to work on in the near future. 



Maria Steen