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Expense Assistant for Card transactions

Hi - we have corporate (travel) card transactions that are assigned to our employees. For those employees that have Expense Assistant, these transactions get put on an expense report for a month. However, we have a few employees who have multiple Corporate Cards. For these employees, all the transactions from the various corporate cards get assigned to a single expense report for the month. Is it possible for Expense Assistant to automatically separate the expense reports for the month based on the last 4 digits of the Corporate card? Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, any recommendations?



Champak Chidambaram

Baylor College of Medicine

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From my understanding with service assistant this is not possible. We did set up an audit rule so the reports can't be submitted with multiple payment types. This was done because we added Visa cards in addition to our AMEX cards. Plus, users were submitting credit card reports with their cash reimbursement expenses as well, causing an reconciliation nightmare. Now, users are required to move their Visa transactions to a different report which they have to create even with expense assistant, and same with cash/personal reimbursements. It's a pain, and like you, I would prefer if the reports were automatically created like the first one. 

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Thanks Alicia - appreciate your response!

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Just a thought re. Expense Assistant. What if you changed to the 'Travel' setting instead of 'Monthly' in the Expense Assistant? I think your travellers might only use one credit card per travel. But I have to say I am not 100% if the 'Travel' setting only does a report per travel. Also, the benefit of fewer reports with the monthly setting will be diluted. 



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I have a notion about Expense Assistant. What if you changed the Expense Assistant's 'Monthly' preset to 'Travel'? 

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