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Expense Ageing Policy Best practice sharing

Hi All,


I would like to know if any strigent process followed towards ageing of expense submission. Are there any additional approvals included in Concur for such exceptions. 




Gayathri S
Routine Member - Level 2

A couple of different responses to this one - as I wasn't 100% sure of your exact question. 


1) For expenses that have gone past 30 days, we set up an automated email reminder (set up in Admin/Expense) that sends a message advising the person that their expenses are going past 30 days and that it's possible their corporate card may be suspended if they hit 60.  Another message at 60 days saying they may be suspended, and another at 63 days where their BI Manager is copied on the notification.  We also have a built-in monthly Burst that goes out to all the BI Managers which lists all of their team's outstanding expenses with detail.  


2) For reports which have been submitted for approval, if the approver has not approved within 10 days, we have the Workflow set to send the report up to the "Next approver" which would be that BI Manager's BI Manager.  This usually keeps the Approvers compliant. 


Hope this helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sgayathri there isn't any definite rule when it comes to aging transactions. Each company has their own process for this situation. I've seen some companies that just send warnings, but nothing more than that. I've seen other companies that will use an Audit Rule that doesn't allow users to submit recent corporate card or out of pocket expenses if they have unsubmitted card transactions older than a set amount of days.


I've also seen companies that will turn off the employees corporate card until they get caught up. It is really a decision each company makes on how lenient or strict they will be. I tend to side with being very strict at first to "teach" users to get card transactions submitted in a timely manner. You can always loosen up the rules once employees demonstrate they can comply and keep up with their corporate card expenses.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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