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Exchanges Rates in Concur and reconciliation

My company has built a exchange rate interface from ECC6 to Concur for local bank rates.

Concur settings would first check for loaded exchanges rate before searching for Oanda rates.


I have requested for a report to be built in Concur that can reconcile the ECC exchange rates with the loaded exchange rates. I am told that Cognos reporting is unable to provide such a report as the reports in Cognos is based on the applied exchange rates and cannot identify the source of the exchange rates.


The other issue is that I have seen multiple exchanges rate for the same currency/date from the applied exchange rates data in Cognos.


Can anyone advise why does it appear more than once in Cognos report  as I went to directly and can  only show one rate for that date?


I have posed the questions to the User Support Desk but if this is something which other users/companies of Concur have encountered before, it would be useful to know the answer.