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Occasional Member - Level 1

Exceptions issue


Showing the above error while it is not a corporate card  transaction and I used my personal credit card. Please help guide with the way forward as the system is not allowing me to submit the expense with this exception.

Routine Member - Level 3

Hi @shpriti ,

This is a warning (yellow triangle) rather than an error (red circle) so should not prevent submission.  In line with responses to previous similar questions, you can ignore the warning if it is not a corporate card transaction.



This is the third question I've seen this week with the identical message wording, which is clearly confusing for non-corporate cardholders.  Do the three users who raised it all work for the same company, or is there a Concur consultant(s) suggesting this configuration for multiple clients?




New Member - Level 2



I am seeing this Yellow Alert on ALL expenses on my current report and on all reports that have been submitted to me (All within Amazon Advertising). No matter expense type, the error message  continues to appear. I would prefer not to submit until this is resolved.


Thank you! Bailey





Occasional Member - Level 1

I am not able to submit as it would say first resolve the exception. How do I submit the expense then?

Routine Member - Level 3

What is the Payment Type for the expenses that have warning exceptions?  Are you getting a different message to the one in your screenshot when you try to submit? I ask because a warning level exception should not prevent submission. 


Also please note that I am just a fellow Concur client with no access to your site so my knowledge of your situation is limited to what you share in your posts.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DeanR I believe they work for the same company. This must be something new their company implemented as I've seen several other employees from this same company posting questions, but never this one. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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