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Exception errors when not incorrect?

when putting my expense report together I am getting an error on my cell phone reimbursement and my auto reimbursement, both for the same reason.  Policy for reimbursement is $50 for cell and $54 for Auto, I put those exact numbers in there and get an error saying I need to make it 50 and 54 or less.  even when I make it less than 50 and 54 I get the same error.  I deleted and started over and still get the same error.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mcclammyv Hello there. I looked at your July expense report and you have a cell phone expense with a transaction date of 08/03 and an Auto Lease Expense with date of 08/03. On your August '21 Expenses report you have a cell phone expense with a date of 08/22 and an Auto Lease expense with a date of 08/30. Your company's monthly allowance for these expenses has been exceeded. The monthly allotment is based on the transaction dates of the expenses so the system is seeing a monthly total of cell phone for the month of August as $100 and $108 for the Auto Lease. That is why you are getting the error. The cell phone expense is a yellow warning and won't prevent you from submitting. I would add a note in the Comment field explaining you put an August date on the July expense report for cell phone. As for the Auto Lease, that is a red hard stop exception. I would recommend reaching out to your direct manager and ask him/her what you should do. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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