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Occasional Member - Level 3

Errors when working in Concur Expense

Anyone else experience errors right now when working in Concur Expense? 


We get this error when trying to open an expense report: 

"Sorry, but something went wrong with this task. Try refreshing the page, or sign out and sign in again.

If the problem persists, please contact your company administrator or help desk."
Concur open status is currently Green -- so not sure if it's just our account? I created a support case.. still waiting to hear back. 
Occasional Member - Level 3

It appears to be recovering slowly, I can open a report now but still getting the error when adding expenses. 

dear @AHarbert 

without getting errors, from time to time the system was freezing for apparently no reason.. however if the user were clearing all the browsing history, suddenly was working again. Did you try also this?

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Occasional Member - Level 3

It looks like Concur status caught up and is now reporting the partial outage: 


It's still operating very slowly and I'm intermittently getting the error.