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Error Message: You have unsubmitted corporate card transactions 90 days and older....



I am trying to submit an expense report for June and July's expenses in early August and am getting the following error:


"You have unsubmitted corporate card transactions 90 days and older.  These transactions may already be assigned to another unsubmitted expense report or may be found in Available Expenses or Company card Charges.  You must submit all aged corporate card transactions on the SAME report."


When I look in Available Expenses there are a handful of expenses that I cannot claim.  So, I import these to the latest Expense Claim and then delete them from the claim as I have successfully done in the past.  However, when I hit Submit I continue to get the error message above - the Available Expenses then re-appear in the list....


Can someone advise how I can move this forward....


Many thanks, Chris



Community Manager
Community Manager

@CHillSG what do you mean that you have a handful of expenses you cannot claim? Why can't you claim them? 


I looked at your account and you have transactions on your corp card from May. These need to be submitted. If you have submitted these previously as out of pocket expenses, then add these transactions to a new expense report and mark them all as personal. Until these are submitted, you will be prevented from submitting any other expense reports. 


P.S. These May transactions cannot be on the same report as any other expenses.



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello Kevin,


Thanks for your reply.  I think the confusion here is that I cannot see the option to mark the expenses as 'personal' either within the list of Available Expenses or when I have imported them into an Expense Claim.  


Please can you advise?  Thanks, Chris

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I'm in nearly the same boat - but have zero outstanding/unused expenses, but cannot submit any of my reports, because each is saying there are prior transactions that need to be submitted first, but it will not allow me to submit even my oldest expenses.
Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem - 4 open claims, all expenses are added to the claims, but I can't submit ANY claim.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello Kevin,


Just a follow up on my response.  Please can you advise how I mark an expense as personal?  If this option has been disabled for some reason, then I need to find a way past this issue in order to submit my current expenses.


Thanks, Chris