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Error Code: PREPAY01: Level 2147483647

Hi there,


A traveler used our corporate card to pay for his hotel, but there are personal charges on it so we have to deduct the Approved amount.  We are now receiving the below error message on transaction, and the Expense Report shows pending validation. Can you advise how to fix this issue?




Thank you!



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @rchang,


The most important thing here is the expense report has a status of Pending Validation. Any time you have a report with that status, you should immediately log a ticket with SAP Concur Support, as it requires their intervention to fix.


Pending Validation is very rare, so you won’t see it very often. It typically only appears on entries that have been allocated and/or itemized and involve currency conversion, which looks like may be the case here. Behind the scenes, once the final approval is in place, the system checks the numbers to make sure the details add up to the total. If there is a mismatch, it goes into Pending Validation. When taking a charge in one currency and converting it to multiple charges in another currency there is a chance that there could be rounding or other math errors, causing the system to stop the reimbursement process and trigger this error. The support team can run a quick procedure to get it corrected and moving forward.



Grant Chase - Senior Product Learning Specialist - SAP Learning