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Error 500 -Internal Server Error when moving charges in Concur - Help

Having the following error below in the iPhone Concur app (using LTE or WiFi connection):

We click a charge in the report or move a charge with the attached receipt to a report, we get the 500 error message - see image below.

We then have to close out the app and reopen it. 

After reopening the Concur app, the charge has moved to the report.

This happens for 20+ users on every charge touch in the app.

We've tried clearing the app cache and reloading the app.

Support just keeps saying R&D is looking into it for the past 3 months - help!!


Concur 500 Error - David Mason.png


SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @Gazoo ,

Good day!


If you can kindly email me a sample User  login ID so i can try to check logs from that 5oo internal server error?


Also, if you can kindly test and create a quick expense from the home screen by tapping the (+) sign to check if you also get the same error?


Please advise


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Anna,  i"m having the same issue.  My user name is 00000668949@UTC.  I can't use the expense tool at all.  I've deleted and re-installed the app.

my contact is