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Occasional Member - Level 2

Erroneous Report Names

We have many cases of individuals reporting to us that when they create an Expense Report from an approved Request, that the Report Name copied over  from Request to Expense is their own name instead of the Report Name.


Unfortunately, it happens sporadically and we cannot reproduce it. We can only see it after it occurs.


Is anyone else experiencing this?

Super User
Super User

Hi @gpaduano I think you should report this to Concur. I guess they should be able to check what exactly is happening.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Is it possible that the Report Name field on the expense report is being detected by the employee's web browser, like Google Chrome browser, as an autofill field? The autofill field may be associated with the name of the employee.

@crystalreports Yes it is very much possible to happen. Ideally this will happen because of system Cache & Cookies. Whenever system auto suggest the data when you click on the Report Name field, then it is recommended to clear the browser history which would this situation happening again.   

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Super User

Hello @gpaduano 


As @jyotesh519 indicates, you should open a case in Concur Support. And if you have an example, indicate the LoginId of the user and the report. That the user leaves the report as the report was generated without changing the name of the report.


Do you know if what happens to the users have anything in common? Does it always happen to the same users?
What steps do these users follow to register the report?