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Entering Uber receipts by email

I use Uber personally and occasionally for work travel. I get receipts on a personal email that's linked to Expenseit and works for forwarding other receipts to be loaded into Concur Expense.  When I do this with Uber receipts, they just disappear.  The workaround I've found is to print a PDF of the receipt and forward that (usually on my work email).


Since I'm not a heavy work Uber user, I don't think I want to have the app send all receipts to Concur.  Is there something I'm doing wrong? This has got me thinking that there may be an option in the Uber app that lets you pick personal or business when booking where I just always pick personal.  Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@thull I know for me I had a personal credit card and a corporate card entered on my Uber profile. With each ride, I would select the appropriate method of payment. I know there is also an Uber for Business option. I can't remember if it is a separate Uber app or not, but that could be something to look into. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

I don't have a corporate card, but I do generally use one card for all my business expenses.  Is there some reason that just forwarding an email of a receipt doesn't translate to Concur Expense? Thanks!