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Enter daily allowances on mobile device

Dear community

Our truck drivers need to use the Concur App (via Smartphgone) for getting their daily meal allowances. They work from Friday to Monday on 1 day trips. Meaning they go somewhere from the starting point and go back to the starting point again on the same day. Our truck drivers do NOT have laptops, they only have their smartphones.

It is quite laborious for them to file the request for the daily allowances in Concur because they need to register start/end to the daily goal and start/end to the starting point again and again for each single day.

How can we make this easier for our truck drivers? For example in the Concur WEB application (not the mobile app) we can opt for the single day allowance registration which would make it at least a little easier. But this option does not appear in the mobile application. Is there a way to install the single day allowance registration. If yes, how?

And is there other options to make this whole procedure easier? We have looked up all the Concur documentation but there is nothing which could help us.

Would be great if someone can give us a hint.


Best regards