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End User auto applied to Meal and Entertainment Expense Types

Our site had new expense types added and now we have lost the feature that auto adds the end user as an attendee to the expense type which is in the category of meals and entertainment.


How do we configure the expense type or if it's in another area of the admin settings to: Automatically add the end user to all meal expenses.


I saw a post where it was mentioned this is not necessary as the person submitting likely is there. We have way too many employees paying for other employees so that is not applicable to my company. We want to see the end user attached to all meal/entertainment and this is difficult for the employees to do this for each expense when there was a feature where they were auto applied.



Occasional Member - Level 3

I found this useless article in the Knowledge base:


Can they add what the steps are regardless of whether or not the admin has the correct permissions? This basically says unless you have permission we are not going to assist. I have all the permissions and can add any to my profile. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@acmorgan12 hello there. A couple of things...I found a similar article and it doesn't say we won't help, it says you need to submit a help ticket to SAP Concur Support. The reason for this is unless a user has unrestricted access, they cannot edit expense types. I looked at your profile and you do not have unrestricted access. I also looked at one meal expense type and one entertainment expense type in your site and each of these had the "Include user as an attendee by default" turned on. See my screenshot. Maybe the two I looked at were not part of the new expense types added. I didn't check all the Meal and Entertainment expense types, so if you could provide me the name of one of these new expense types that was added, I can take a look. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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