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Employee submitted expense report is not showing on the approvers dashboard



We are new to SAP Concur for expenses and just went thru and got everything setup, created/added a new employee.  That employee created and submitted their expense report.  However when I go to review and approve that expense report it is not showing up anywhere on the admin side.


- Currently I have only 2 employees/users created as I wanted to test to make sure everything was set up properly

- As far as permissions go

          - Employee who submitted the expense report is only allowed to submit and not approve

          - My permissions are set as the administrator/manager for this employee


Am I missing a setting somewhere to be able to see the employee's submitted reports?  I have looked at every report and approval place but it is just not showing. 



Routine Member - Level 3

As the Admin, you should have process reports on your account page.  You can set the parameters to look just for that report by employee name and then submitted pending approval.  If the report is in there, then there is something set wrong in the employee's profile on the company admin page.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bconrad It appears you resolved this issue, correct? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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