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Employee manually entered expense before transaction came through


I have an employee who manually entered a transaction a couple of months ago and it was labeled as "cash."  The credit card transaction came through so now it is listed as a duplicate expense. What do I do with the pending credit card transaction now? Does he submit it and label it as "personal expense" since the previous manual expense was already complete/paid out?


thank you

Stefani Fischels

Super User
Super User

Hi Stefani, that is one way you can get rid of them, depending on your policy you may want this option if you want to track these instances with reporting - as you could pull a report for personal transactions.  I would ask them to also include a comment - to help identify the "personal" reason.  Another way to handle is if you have access to Company Admin, Tools, Company Card, Manage Transactions, then load transactions unassigned to a report and hide them.  If you have access to Expense Admin, Site Settings, you could also delete the transactions from the user's queue by checking the appropriate box and then proxying in as them and deleting the transactions - don't forget to uncheck the box once you are done so other users don't delete their transactions.  Personally, I don't recommend the delete option as you lose the transaction.

Note, my answers were assuming your set up does not allow users to delete these transactions. 


Hope this helps,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@StefaniFischels what you mentioned is what I would have suggested. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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