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Employee Expenses on Manager report

One of our Directors has five employees.  All five of the employees' AMEX charges are showing up on the Directors expense report in Concur, as well as on the employees expense report.  How do I prevent the five employees' expenses from appearing on the Director's expense report?

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Your company Concur administrator should be able to either submit a Concur Support ticket, or if they have access to card administration - they would look up the cards by the last four numbers, unassign them from the director's account, and reassign them to the correct people. Hope that helps. 

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Jessica, I have opened and closed a CONCUR ticket.  They say its an AMEX issue.  AMEX says its concur.  I cannot get anyone to take ownership to assist.  I have access to the Company Card section under Tools as the admin but none of our cards are in there at all.  I am new to the Admin role.  I have added all of our employees and their EE ID's to Concur.  I've assigned everyone to their proper management trees.  I have several cards set up the same in AMEX, but this one, for some reason, is giving me fits.  

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Hi ,

It seems that in Amex's record incorrect employee id is updated(check in @work or call them) for those five employees.

You may contact Amex to update the correct employee id in their record so that feed moves to the correct profile post job run.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks abhijit.  I will give that a shot.  

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We use Amex and have one specific data point, company ID, that is used to pair the Amex feed into a specific employee Concur account.  If the Amex card profile has the wrong company ID, it will not merge with an employee account in Concur.  For the charges to hit both the employee and the director suggests that you could have multiple data that may be matching the card to 2 accounts.  Check the card account details for the employee profile in the Amex platform, if you have access, to see if it matches for only the employee.  We have feeds that exchange info from the company to Amex, but if the employee ID is incorrect, it will not match in Concur and has to be corrected in Amex.  Then we match the card to the correct profile in Concur.

Nancy Murray