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Emailed Pictures of Receipts not showing in Concur

Historically, I have been able to take a picture of a receipt and email it to  However, in recent month, the function has been altered somehow, I assume based on an attachment format it accepts.


The record shows, but any attachment is either non-existence or blank.  I am curious if it is because Apple iPhones now prioritize the HEIC format instead of JPG for better quality.  I would hate to have to change my default to JPG and suffer less than adequate images for my personal pictures.


Any thoughts from the community?


Thanks.  -P

Frequent Member - Level 1

I would recommend capturing receipt pictures through the Concur app, rather than doing it separately and then emailing the image to Concur.  It's a native feature of the app to do this.


I only use the email option to forward receipts that I've received myself via email.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@phillipmpoisson I would have to agree with @DeanR. Taking a picture using the app is much faster. I go to the entry on my report, use the Add Receipt option, then select the camera option, point and shoot. Receipt done. No emailing, no saving the file on your computer, much less steps. 


Just my two cents and what I found to be most efficient for me. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin,


So instead of addressing an obvious break in the software, I am presented with an alternate process?  I know taking pics with the app is an option; however, that is not the most efficient process for my workflow. When I receive a digital receipt from American Airlines or Marriott or take a pic of the receipt on the fly while wrapping up a business dinner,

the function of simply emailing it to Concur directly to be housed in my record has been so much easier than having to open the app, log-in, and walk through the steps every single time or having to go back through pics and sort out the proper receipt. I tend to sit down every 2 weeks and complete an expense report in batch. The suggested process is significantly less efficient for customers that prefer the same process. 

How do I address the broken function in the software?  I cannot email any file to Concur (pdf, jpg, heic). Please advise.