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Email notifications for future dated expenses

Hi All, 


I would be curious to find out what option are you using to remind employees of their pending card transactions for future dated expenses. Currently employees are set to receive a reminder 7 days after the expense is made, but if they are due to have their trip in one month from now, what option do I have for them to receive a reminder after their business trip has come to an end.


Many thanks for any hint!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Adriana Are your employees using corporate credit cards? If so, then when the card transaction comes in and is added to an expense report, it will match to the pending card expense. I'm curious, did you all setup your site that new expenses that are created are defaulted to the Pending Card Transaction payment type? 


Also, and this is speculation since I haven't looked at your site configuration, are your employees using ExpenseIt for receipt capture? I ask because this is one thing that often causes the payment type to be Pending Card Transaction. 


If you are using corporate credit cards, you do not need any reminder because SAP Concur sites are defaulted to send reminders for unused / unsubmitted credit card transactions. 


Lastly, in the scenario you present, why would employees be creating their expenses before they have even traveled? Again, I'm going off the assumption that you are using corporate credit cards for expenses. Personally, I would not recommend employees create expenses before they have occurred. When I train our customers, I tell them to create their expense report before they travel, but then to add the expenses as they incur them during their trip. Now, if employees are using corporate cards, then they just add the expense when it becomes available. 


Without knowing your company's situation, it is difficult for me to specifically answer this question. 


What I might do is create an email reminder that goes out to employees who have Pending Card Transaction as a payment type on an expense report. I replied to your other post about the email reminder for Sent Back reports, so use the screenshots as a guide to create a new rule/reminder for Expense Entries with Payment Type Equal to Pending Card Transaction.


I know I provided maybe more information than you bargained for, but better to have too much information than not enough. Right? 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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