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Email approval



We have a requirement where C Suite team would like to approve expense report directly from the email. Below is what they are looking for

1. One email per expense report with all the details of the expenses.

2. A link in the email when clicked directly approves the expense report in concur without needing to launch the app.


The primary reason being, if we have to launch an app they need to be connected to VPN or SSO authenticated app which C Suite team is not interested. This will make the approval cumbersome as they have to login to concur app, ensure SSO authentication is completed and then approve the expense report. If the App is not installed, then it further complicates as all these actions are done on a browser and navigating across multiple browsers on phone screen is not user friendly.

Super User
Super User

hello @agarakahalli 


I think you should create an improvement request on the "Customer Influence" website.




Community Manager
Community Manager

@agarakahalli I have not come across anything like this for report approvals. As @cjmarimo mentioned, this could be an enhancement request to submit.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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