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Email Notifications Too Frequent

How do we update the email notifications company-wide? Currently, emails are sent to the submitter for each approval step and we believe that is too frequent. As long as the report is moving through with no issues, we'd like the only notification to be the final approval and ready for payment. We do, of course, still want the emails that notify them if their report is returned. Can you help with this?


EX: The user gets an email even when the processor sends it back to the approver with questions. So, potentially a user will get 5 or more emails regarding a single report. It's making some people crazy.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@stephanierenner the report status change notifications cannot be turned off system wide. This is by system design. However, each individual user can opt out of these. Now, I could just leave my reply here as is, but since it is Friday and I'm feeling generous, I will offer a possible workaround/solution.


If the users turn off these notifications, you could then create an email reminder that will notify the user that they have a returned report. I know you are probably thinking, isn't the status change notification and email reminder? Technically yes, but the system allows you to create additional reminders when certain conditions are met, like when a user has a report returned. You can set this reminder to be sent once when condition is met, daily until fixed, etc.


The difference between email reminders and the system email notifications is the email reminders get triggered by a job that runs in the evening. The job looks at all the conditions in your email reminders and send emails accordingly. System email notification are triggered immediately upon that event.


Are you familiar with building Email Reminders? If not, the Email Reminders video shows how to build one. Keep in mind this example is not for approval email reminders, but it gives a good idea of how to build the rule and reminder.


Let me know if you have any questions after watching the video.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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