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Elimination of intercompany transactions when Concur allocations are submitted and posted to SAP

We currently only allow allocations within the same SAP ledger when submitting Concur expense reports....we would like to allow allocations for WBS elements where a Concur user from one SAP ledger allocates to a WBS element in another SAP ledger....resulting SAP posting creates an entry in each ledger to an intercompany clearing account as defined in OBYA....has anyone faced this situation and how do they eliminate this without manual billings between companies?

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I want to know too. 

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I'd be curious as well if any one has come up with a solution.  Today it is a manual process for us. 

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We did something like this but it is only a one way charge from our international company to our US company. We still have a manual part inside our ERP due to our mark-up which is a crazy formula determined by the project being worked on. My suggestion is to open a case with Concur and explain exactly what you want. I do know that we have many connected lists to get this done and had to make a modification to our employee’s expense profile to make it work for us. We then provide an on demand report to the finance group for them to do their mark up since our reports have to post to the employees company first before the mark-up. My finance people were very happy as we significantly reduced the time it took them to do the charge backs to the parent company even though a portion was still manual.