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Edit Price in Concur Expense?

We need to modify a price in the travel receipts that populate into Concur Expense. It the flight price is $103.62, we need to modify and add on a travel fee of $6 from our travel vendor but it will no longer allow us make this change. Any thoughts on how we can modify the price?Capture.JPG


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dear user,


Do you mean that the total cost is 109.62 USD to charge, or 103.62 including already the 6 dollars?


if the 2nd option, is there the possibility to itemize the cost (as i don't see the full screen of your Concur)? If this is the case, Itemize it as

-->total cost 103.62

-->     Airfaire  97.62

-->     Fees         6.00


if there is not possibility to itemize, enter 2 manual additional transactions as cash, with one positive and one negative amount.


Credit card cost Airfare--> 103.62

CASH cost Airfare          -->    -6.00

CASH cost Fees              -->      6.00


In case you didn't find yet the answers please let me know.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Based on your picture, this was a centrally-paid ticket purchase that was most likely paid via a shared ghost card within Travel. If that is accurate, then the system will not permit your user to change the amount.

Some background on what happens when an air ticket is purchased: there are typically two charges

  • One on a credit card, where the airline charges the ticket purchase price.  The supplier actually charging the card is the airline, though the transaction is initiated by the travel management company (TMC).
  • One from your TMC, where the travel agency charges as service fee.  This one may be executed in various ways, but is most typically a separate charge to the same credit card as the air ticket purchase.  The supplier actually charging the card is the TMC.
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seems it is paid by lodge card and as per accounting policies we should not chagne the amount or transaction which come from Vendor, and techanlly system will not allow to do that.


here you have to options.


1. Ask your TMC to send the travel agency fee as seprate transaction in Concur and i think you may have this Expense type in your Concur, if not then you can activate.


2. here may be the you can create another entry manual and put 6 $ as Travel agency fee and select the same payment type, ofcourse you cannot select cash as then it will be paid out to Emp.


if you need more information then you can msg me privatly.