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Occasional Member - Level 1

E-reciepts, manual receipt upload, normal expense population all failing to load IPhone IOS

Like others posting, from approx a week ago, my concur app on my iPhone has become completely unusable. All the expenses that normally populate with E-Receipts, won’t. I cannot upload any receipts to the expense tab. Even though it says I have expenses, when I click the tab, the page is blank. Fix this please. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tobelemj another user that was having mobile app issues did a hard shut down of his phone and rebooted and it fixed the issue. Give that a try and see if it works. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Any potential solution that Involves:

shutting the device down

making sure the app is updated

making sure my IOS is updated


is not the solution. 

Occasional Member - Level 1

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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hello, wondering if this has been fixed? Our users are having the same issue. The Concur App shows they have available expenses but when they click on expenses, there's nothing there. We've tried deleting, reinstalling, rebooting, everything. We created a ticket with Concur support over two weeks ago. Their recent solution was to remove their emails from our TMC events divison which has still not fixed the issue. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!