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E-Receipts / Receipt Store Message?

I am not familiar enough with "Receipt Store" for E-Receipts to help my employees.  Does anyone know what this message means and how they can correct it so that they can keep using the Receipt Store without frustration?   Thanks....


The attachment for file named "map_85b2cbf0-9ecd-41ad-8dd2-13627821429a_wide" appears to be an invalid file type and could not be stored by Receipt Store. If the file is a receipt image, upload it directly from the expense entry to display details of the error.

Community Manager
Community Manager

This could be caused by a couple of things:

1. The file being sent to the receipt store is not in one of the following formats: png, jpg, tiff, pdf. Only those four file types will be accepted. 

2. The file size of the image could be too large (over 5MB is not allowed), but this is very unlikely since these file formats are usually pretty small.

3. Sometimes the imaging service is in an outage, so that might be causing the error. 


Based on the verbiage though, sounds like the employee tried to submit an image in a format that is not one of the four I mentioned. 


Do you know what the file type is that the user is trying to send to the receipt store?



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks for the reply.  It looks like .pdf which was one of the four.  He said it's when he forwards any ereceipts to teh receipt store which is he has as:  I wish I knew or understood more.  He said that it randonly happens but lately it's been every receipt that has issues.