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E-Receipt Conversion

Has anyone enountered issues with the inability to edit the conversion rate of an e-receipt line item and why there is a limitation around this? Support doesn't seem to know the answer even though it's clearly a functionlity limitation. I just want to know the reasoning behind this...

I had a user who has Lyft connected via My Travel Network so e-receipts are sent to his Concur account post ride trip. This user traveled in the US so his e-receipts are in USD. The user is set up with SGD currency as a default to be reimbursed. Concur uses Oanda as a source for conversion rates but in this particular case it was off. The user and administrators could not edit the conversion rate (field is greyed out) so the amount could be reimbursed correctly. Report is in end users queue. The only options were to add a line item expense (not ideal) for the discrepancy OR to delete the e-receipt and create a line item without the e-receipt (extra work). In the latter, what's the point of triplink/e-receipt if it can't be used? I understand the Amount field cannot be changed because it's linked to the amount on the receipt from the vendor. Nevertheless, this is a limited functionality for Approved/Requested Amount to be correct if conversion cannot be changed like any other out-of-pocket expense. Note, this is an out-of-pocket expense not credit card (where credit card info can overwrite the e-receipt amount). There are no company settings that limit conversion rate editing other than low level exception warning if changed.