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Duplicate check validation

Hi All,


Please guide me to how does the Concur validates the "Duplicate Transactions check", What are the parameter built to validate the transactions.


I do see there is an audit rule enabled for all expense types in our company however I would like to understand the back end logic built to identify the duplicates.


Also, the exception text which gets triggered does not populate the expense report details while we extract the data in cognos. Can that be modified?


Thank you



Gayathri S
Community Manager
Community Manager

@sgayathri for the duplicate transactions, the system is looking at the Expense Type, Transaction Date and Amount. There may be a fourth data item it looks at, but I know those three for sure. So, if there are entries with those three things matching, it flags it as a duplicate.


If you want to see the Exception text in Cognos, you need to use the Expense Reports>Report Exceptions folder in Cognos. There are folders for both Report Header and Report Entry exceptions. One of the data items is Exception Text that shows the message users see when the exception is generated. 


You will have to determine what other data items you want on the report, but this Exceptions folder allows you to see the text in Cognos. 


I hope this helps.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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