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Duplicate Transaction Check


I have a duplicate transaction check audit rule set up in my system for Car Parking. I am wondering, does the system check the employee's profile back to a certain time frame for a duplicate payment? Is it a month, year? 


Can you also confirm that for this audit rule, it checks Expense Type, Transaction Date, and Amount? Is there any other criteria it  checks? 


Appreciate your help




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dear @PaulaKing 

Audit rules are set up by the Company you are working with, eventually with the help of concur for standard and best Audit rules used for other companies.


I would generally set up Audit rules for duplicate transactions ONLY for cash transactions, and are specific to same expense type, date and amount having at the same time those 3 conditions, otherwise it can cause a mess while completing expenses with all necessary warnings.


If you can contact your company system administrator you can show the problem you are facing and probably they could work by adjusting the Audit rule to be more consistent and effective.  Let me know how it goes.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari