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Does using Concur to book travel automatically get submitted for expense reimbursement?

Context: Company uses Concur to book travel. Using my personal card. Does booking travel through Concur automatically submitted to expense reimbursement?



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@raileystut great question. The SAP Concur system does not automatically submit expense reports. Users must take action in the system to submit their reports. The System does have ability to create expense reports on behalf of users and automatically add expenses to these reports for users. However, these features must be activated first by your company's SAP Concur admin and then activated by each individual user, if they so choose. This feature is called Expense Assistant. It creates reports and adds expenses, but does not automatically submit any reports. 


In most cases if you are using a personal card in SAP Concur for travel bookings, you still need to create an expense report and add all the business expenses purchased on your personal card to an expense report. If your company allows it, you can link a personal credit card to Concur Expense. To see if this has been enabled by your company, log into SAP Concur. In the upper right-hand corner click the little drop down arrow next to Profile. In the window that opens, click Profile Settings. On the next screen you come to, look for Expense Settings on the left side of the screen. If there is an option that says Expense Credit Cards, then this feature has been enabled. If you do not see Expense Credit Card, you cannot link your personal card. 


I hope all this makes sense. I know I probably gave you more information that you bargained for, but too much information is better than not enough, right? 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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