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Does anyone know how to download expense receipts via API?

Hello experts,

I am tasked to either create an expense report via Reporting Intelligence and include receipts for each expense report in the Intel Report or figure out a way to download expense receipts in mass for all expense reports via API. Is this feasible?


Super User
Super User

Dear @fbayegan 

I would be interested to know more your idea behind this.

Do you mean that your company was using another system outside Concur and you would like to transfer all expenses to the Concur system from the past for eventually reporting matters?


If so, I would be also curious but doubtful of the possibility, as each expense report had an individual recording number, and linked to each process of the expense report (submitted, approved, paid). Maybe at data without having the full details from actual expense report submitted in Concur (no trial history available). 


Please clarify more. Thank you. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Occasional Member - Level 2

I'm interested in something similar. We have some funders who want to see all invoices and receipts charged to work they fund, so we're lookin for a way to download, say, images of all receipts charged to a specific cost centre.

Is there a way to do this?

Occasional Member - Level 1

I need to know how to do this,too. I have to provide receipts to our lender for some specific receipts.