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Routine Member - Level 2

Does anyone else still allow receipts to be attached at the report level?

We allow attachments at both the report and entry level.  We're aware it would be better to use entry level but many of our users  think it'd take too much extra time to use entry level.

In the new UI - it's basically impossible to reconcile or work with a report with report level receipts.   There isn't even a choice to view report level receipts.  You have to use Manage attachments.   

Manage attachments brings up a small window right on top of the expense report detail.  You can't move it and you can't resize it.  And you cannot read your expense report.    Meaning you can't verify what receipt goes with what expense.  And as an admin - you can't use the receipt in relation with the report.

Did I miss an annoucement from Concur where they said they were phasing out report level receipt attachment?

Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense
Frequent Member - Level 1

Oh no! Everything I have heard thus far about the UI has me very worried. We do allow receipts to be attached at the report level as well. And very much like yourself, we would prefer to only accept entry level but many users scan their entire packet of receipts and prefer that way. I hope this is is something that will be addressed by Concur.



Travel and Expense System Administrator
Routine Member - Level 1

Hi Sandra,

We use the report level receipt attachment for the ghost cards that our stores use.  Due to the high volume of purchases, plus the fact that delegates can't utilize the app to upload receipts, we allow our store employees to scan and upload a single batch of receipts for these cards.  That's 3 cards per store, and around 150 stores, so it is an important feature!

We also have two users who are allowed this option due to the nature of the purchases they make and the high number of receipts that they have to upload.

I just noticed the lack of the "view receipts in another window" option today, and am also very unhappy about that.  I use the feature constantly when reviewing expense reports, and not having it is going to really make things harder for me.  

Concur, what's the story on this?


Torie Hightower