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Do your Expense Processors have access to modify expense reports in Concur Expense?

Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you allow your processors to make corrections (such as correcting the expense type or small $ changes) in Concur expense reports?  We currently don't allow them so they reject the expense report and ask the employee to make the correction and resubmit.  But I'm curious to know the pros and cons of allowing them to make changes.  I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.  Thank you.  

Occasional Member - Level 1



Our processors have the ability to change the expense type but not the amount. Having the ability to change the expense type is helpful in that we can save time and make non-material changes as needed. If the category needs to be changed to something that will require more information (such as attendees) that would be a case where we send it back to the employee. This will depend on whether you are comfortable in the coding knowledge of your processors to allow them to make small changes as needed.


We do not have the ability to change the amount, so those items need to be sent back always. I can see where it would be useful, however, if you allow for small changes to be made.