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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Do you use AMEX as your corporate Credit Card provider in the USA? READ ON!

Dear All, I have just returned from a client onsite with my new client. They already have Concur in America with a multi million dollar T&E spend and less than 5000 employees (in the USA)

Why am I sharing this with you? Their practice, their dedication to their T&E program has led to a MASSIVE return of investment. So much so, that their AMEX rebate far outweighs the cost of Concur. It blew my mind how much they get.

Here is why (split into sections)

Their treasury VP reviews T&E spend on a monthly basis, using reporting. He personally takes action on individuals that do not follow the company code of conduct. First a warning, then he escalates it to the President of that division (I am not joking)

Runs reports on the following:
1. Managers that do not review receipts fully.
2. Employees that do not pay for items with their AMEX card.
3. Approvers that allow Reports to expire without action
4. Duplicate Transactions

5. Cash Vs Corporate card transactions - checking if it has been already reimbursed

The result? After 3 years, 97 percent of all transactions are now done with the AMEX corporate card. The company lost a total of 9 dollars last year through incorrect T&E spend out of MILLIONS of dollars spent. Maybe I am just a little naive, but I have never met a client so positive on the impact of Concur and what it has given their business. What about you all? Do you have stories to tell?


Kind regards,

Angus Irvine Robertson

SAP Concur Customer Escalations, SAP Concur Office of the President
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Re: Do you use AMEX as your corporate Credit Card provider in the USA? READ ON!

Our program is not that big - in comparison, we have about 225 cardholders with only about $1M in T&E spend - however, we’ve increased our Pcard spend to maximize our rebate, and as a result, our rebate covers my salary as the card administrator.


Terri Moreno
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