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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Do you have a mandated corporate card program?

What processes have you applied to ensure high adoption rates?

Occasional Member - Level 2

This is something we are currently looking at.  I'm anxious to see how this works for everyone.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Yes, this is perhaps the most important control you have over your spend and approval process.  Corp card programs do the following:

  • charges can only be submitted once
  • charges are submitted for the exact amount charged, taking into account credits, FX fees, etc
  • the company is aware of refunds back to the card
  • charges come with e-receipts, thus reducing the amount of receipts needed for submission
  • rebate to the company on spend
  • staff don't have to float the company money

There are probably many more, but I'll stop here

Routine Member - Level 2

We do!  We've built an automated bursting report from Cognos that evaluates cash versus card spend for the prior month.  If the associate's sprend is XX% cash (or high cash) we burst a notification to the associate and leader reminding them of the policy.  We also have audit rules in place for specific expense types like hotel, air, car when submitted as cash with a reminder of the policy. 

Occasional Member - Level 1

We have a mandated company card program as well. 

Generally, we've always been pretty slow to reimburse staff for any out of pocket transactions so that tends to be a pretty good motivator for our staff to use the corporate card.

That and it's our policy that anyone traveling book with the corporate card. Usually large OoP transactions are caught by our accounting team.

Super User
Super User

Credit card programs is a value added to the company.  You need to understand the agreement between the bank and your company.  The majority of credit card agreements offer a cash rebate to the company when spending levels are reached or exceeded.  In this case, it is in the company's best interest to use the corporate card whenever possible.  An exception to this rule could be that the vendor does not accept the credit card brand. 


If your company wants to mandate the use of the company's credit card for all purchases, it should be spelled out in the travel and expense policy and the credit card policy.


A high amount of out of pocket expenses (OOP) is a lost opportunity for your company to reach the required spend volume established in the credit card agreement between the bank and your company.  You will need to monthly track this amount by repeat offenders.  Use Intelligence reporting tool to track this amount, establish what a high amount is and burst messages to those who exceed the limits, create a rule in expense for the user to explain why did not use the corporate card.  Some companies even set up a year limit amount for OOP via an expense audit rule. 


You will need to get the support of management to enforce this rule. 


I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen