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Dismissive Support Responses?? New UI??

Has anyone else been experiencing dismissive support responses to tickets submitted? We've been receiving what seems like "canned" responses pointing us to information we've already looked through, or just saying something so they can say they've responded and move on. 

We've opened several tickets in the past few weeks, all pointing to the new UI having major bugs, but it doesn't seem like the messages make it from the support team to the development team. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@vskuda do a search here on the Community for a post by @MeltemC that will allow you to sign up for our NextGen UI feedback program. 


Also, if you have some issues you want to post here, feel free. I might be able to help or provide some insight.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @vskuda ,

Thanks for raising this.

Do you have some examples of the issues?

Support team is working with development team weekly to triage the issues. We prioritize and fix issues based on their severity. Are these issues preventing your company from migrating to the NextGen UI? Please provide some examples.

Hi MeltemC,


I have a meeting scheduled 8/30 and will be happy to provide the results to you.  It's related to NextGen UI and multiple employees having this issue when creating expenses on Foreign travel.  Or you can view my ticket, Case 19488772.


Have a good day.


Super User
Super User

Hello vskuda,


I have a suggestion that we found out later after submitting Support Case Tickets.  Our Concur Rep told me to always check the box "Expertise & Care" when submitting a ticket.  The first person to read our ticket will then refer your case to an expert.  (Not sure if this is something extra in your contract agreement.)

Now when I submit tickets they are attended to immediately.  The same day I submitted for our NextGen UI error on Meal Per Diems, I was assigned an expert and he set up a meeting so I can demonstrate how the error is happening as this issue is tricky to explain without showing the support team.  Our meeting is Tuesday 8/30.  I'll be happy to share my results.  I don't know if any other companies are experiencing this same issue.