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Disable bank account option at the time of profile setup

Hi there!

In one of our Asian offices we were using the Expense pay / auto debit feature so it was mandatory to enter the bank details. Recently, due to some change we were not able to use the auto debit feature and had to switch to manual pay / client pay option. So we temporarily made a new group "Manual Pay" and moved new joiners to that group. We also moved others who had claims. The volume was low since there were lockdowns, but now volumes have started to pick up again. We have disabled the expense pay option altogether and have removed the account. Is there any way to disable the option that makes entering bank details mandatory? If not, is there any option using which we can move all employees from auto pay group to manual group in one go?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Princewadhwa the mandatory bank details should due to Audit Rules that are active. You just need to deactivate these rules. I've provided a screenshot from your Audit Rules screen below.




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi @KevinD

I hope you're in wonderful health. I have seen so many helpful responses from you to so many users like me, you're amazingly helpful. Thank you for this solution. I'll get this actioned next week and will provide a feedback.