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Digitized Receipts for France

Our office in France would like to stop the retention of paper receipts, pursuant to a decree by French tax administrator on 3/22/17 that states companies can archive receipts digitally if the following criteria are met: • The document must not have undergone image processing and the colors reproduced identically. • Compression is allowed only if the document does not lose in quality. • The PDF format is mandatory. • Digitization must incorporate timestamps and electronic signatures. • Digitization must be the subject of a specific archiving (up to ten years in accordance with the type of document) and documents accessible online. Our office in France found a Concur statement somewhere within Concur that states, "Our solution, available in 150 countries, will integrate as of the 2nd quarter of 2018, the regulation for the digitization of paper receipts." Has whatever this integration entails actually occurred? If so, could I be pointed toward that documentation? Many thanks -
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I had received the same timline information a while back, but when I opened a case in March to check back on it, they provided the following information:

"SAP Concur takes very seriously the receipt digitalization regulations and local requirements requested by each market (for example, Spain).

Our first priority and current activity: build an architecture based on the most complex requirements to be able to support all markets’ needs; France and Spain compliance are roadmap candidates for the second half of 2018.

More detail regarding release timelines and countries will be available in the second quarter of 2018. However, I cannot confirm you any specific timeline or date at the moment."

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Hi Kelly


Have you managed to implement the paperless solution for France?

I am in the process of starting the initiative but there are questions from our Tax team on handling of pdf invoices and storage of the digitized receipts - France legislation requires storage in France or a country with which France has a treaty...but our documents are stored in the US.

Thanks for any info you can share.




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Hi Tess,


I believe concur has come up with a solution on receipt digitalization for France and Spain, You can reach out to them via a Support case and they will take you through the process.


Hope this helps:)