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Did not yet received the payment for my approved expense. Website says it is released on 07/07

I submitted the expense for WFH equipment's and initially payment was released on 06/28 to my account that was not valid anymore. The payment was rejected. I received the email from support team to provide either new account information or if i want to get the payment by mail, i updated the "remaining pay" account information on the chase site and requested if they can send the payment on the now valid account. I see on the Concur that the payment was released again on 07/07 but i neither received it on my updated account or via mail. Can you look into my account and provide some updates?



Super User
Super User

Have you changed your Concur profile to show the correct payment account?  If the payment was returned to your company, Concur Pay will try again but only to a valid account.

Nancy Murray
New Member - Level 1

Yes, i made changes as per their suggestions. Please see below... I made changes on 07/06 and then the concur shows payment on 07/07 but i dont know if payment was sent in the mail or in the account directly. I did not receive it in any form yet. 





From: Kalra, Ravinder S (CCB, USA)
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2021 12:51 PM
To: TE Payments Compliance <>
Cc: Kalra, Ravinder S (CCB, USA) <>
Subject: RE: Action Required: Expense Report Payment (Credit Reject) 5998329



  I have changed the remaining pay account option to be same as the first pay option. It will be great if you could deposit the money in the account.


   If it is not possible, please send the paper mail at the below address:-


Ravinder Kalra

1129 Carriage Valley Dr,

 Powell, OH 43065








Ravinder Kalra | VP, Software Engineering |Digital MIS | JPMorgan Chase

1111 Polaris Parkway, Columbus OH 43240

Office Phone: 614-847-6931| ravinder.s.kalra@Chase.Com





From: TE Payments Compliance <>
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2021 1:55 PM
To: Kalra, Ravinder S (CCB, USA) <>
Subject: Action Required: Expense Report Payment (Credit Reject) 5998329


Hi Ravinder,


This email is with the regards to the following Concur Expense Report and amounts due to you for which Accounts Payable received a reject when crediting your bank account:

             Expense Report Number: 5998329

            Amount Due to Employee: $1100

  • Routing Number ending: XXXX
  • Account Number ending: XXXX


The reject description is Account closed. Please see payment options and instructions below. 



  1. As part of the new me@jpmc migration, the T&E reimbursements from Concur Expense will be deposited to your bank account identified as “Remaining Pay” regardless if you have one or multiple bank accounts set up for payroll net pay deposits. . There is no option to send T&E payments to an account other than the “Remaining Pay” account; however, you can change your “Remaining Pay” account designation at the new me@jpmc.
  2. Accounts Payable will gladly send you a check for this payment if you prefer.  Please reply back to this email with a confirmation of your mailing address.


Thank you

Corporate Accounts Payable

Community Manager
Community Manager

@d358671 Only your Corporate Accounts Payable team can provide you an update. Even if we go look at your SAP Concur profile, we would probably only see that the report is showing as Paid. That is as far as I would be able to see it. When it comes to actual payments, someone at your company would have to look into this and see how and where the payment was sent. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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