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Deleting Itineraries

Currently we do not allow travelers to delete unused itineraries, considering allowing users to delete their own itineraries.  Interested to hear feedback pros and cons when providing this access to users.  Travelers are contacting the administrator to delete unused itineraries, looking to alleviate some administrative burdens but concerned this could create other issues.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RobinKM Do your employees purchase their bookings on a company card? If so, the card transactions are the most important item and in my opinion, make the itinerary items obsolete. I think having the itinerary items works better for companies that do not use a company card as it helps users keep track of their bookings a little better for reimbursement purposes. 


My con would be if you do not use company cards, users might delete the itinerary items and end up possibly forgetting to submit some of their travel for reimbursement. 


My pro for allowing deletion is it helps prevent users from submitting travel items as out of pocket expenses when a company card was used to make the purchase.


My pro and con are dependent on whether you use company cards or not.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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