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Delete attendee from owner list through the API

I'm trying to remove attendees from owners lists using the API and I am getting a 500 reponse "Internal server error."

The description given here seems unlikely to be the problem.


Is this something that can be done? I see that DELETE requests are listed under the "How to Use the APIs " section on this page:

however there is no mention of DELETE on the attendee API reference  page.


The request that I'm currently making is DELETE{id}&user="username@domain"




SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @Jake


Thanks for posting!


If you are using our Dev toolkit to build an API to SAP Concur, you’ll need to purchase support if ongoing assistance is needed.


You would need to purchase Client Web Services; after which, you can open a Support case with questions ongoing. As it says here:


“Develop an application as a SAP Concur client (or for a client). The client must purchase the Client Web Services SKU and their administrative support contact would open a case through our support portal.” -


I am also interested in hearing from your fellow community members. Looking forward to hearing their insights!


I hope this helps!

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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