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Delegate Expense Approver - notifications

Will a delegate approver receive the same notification as the approver when a report is bounced to them because of the approval time expiring for a manager under them?


So, Bill's approver is Rick, and Rick has Amy set up as a delegate approver - with permissions checked to View Receipts, Can Approve, and Receives Approval Emails.  Bill is also an approver, and a report sent to him for approval goes over the 10 day approval limit, so it goes to Rick for approval, but Amy is Rick's delegate approver.  Will Amy receive the email that the report is ready for approval?  Or will Amy just need to check the queue periodically to see if a report is in queue for approval?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@dlamont let me preface this by saying I have not tested this out, but I believe the delegate should receive the email. Even though the report auto-escalated to the next approver after the approval time expired, it should be the same as if someone submitted it directly to that person. 


I guess we will need to wait and see if someone lets the approval time expire and see what happens, but I'm pretty confident it will also notify the delegate.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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