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Deactivate Expense Type

Does deactivating an expense type have any effect on historical data? My company currently has 3 meal expense types for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we would like to move to a single expense type for travel meals. If I deactivate the 3 we currently have and add a new expense type, would I still be able to see the historical data for meals entered as breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 

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Hello @tknight84 ,


Yes the deactivation of expense type will only apply for the future reports, and you can activate them if you need again aftwewards. I hope this information helped you.

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Hi @tknight84. We recently switched from a single expense type for meals to the three separate types. Historical data is not a problem; it shows up something like this: 



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Jumping on this conversation as I saw on the February Release Notes from SAP that there is a modification to deactivating/activating Expense Types. You can find the release notes here: 




Historically, per Concur they add a zZDONOTUSE to the start of the Expense type to move it to the bottom of the list and to call out that it is not being used. 


Applying that logic to the change that has taken place, can we eliminate using the zZDONOTUSE before the name of an Expense? Since we can now filter to include inactivated.


I wanted to see this applied in our profile. I selected an expense type that was initially in our company expense type list from Concur that is completely irrelevant to our business. Selected the Deactivate button, next, a pop up appears with the following:


So this action completely wipes the details of the expense? I feel there isn't enough details on what the exact implications are here.


Is the purpose of this column solely to prevent us from needing to use this zZDoNOTUSE on labeling the Expense Types? Or is there another relevant business purpose to adding this column?