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Occasional Member - Level 2

Deactivate Expense Type

Does deactivating an expense type have any effect on historical data? My company currently has 3 meal expense types for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we would like to move to a single expense type for travel meals. If I deactivate the 3 we currently have and add a new expense type, would I still be able to see the historical data for meals entered as breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hello @tknight84 ,


Yes the deactivation of expense type will only apply for the future reports, and you can activate them if you need again aftwewards. I hope this information helped you.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi @tknight84. We recently switched from a single expense type for meals to the three separate types. Historical data is not a problem; it shows up something like this: