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Day trip itinerary doesn't calculate per diem

We have a traveler with a multi-city itinerary. The last 3 legs of the itinerary look like this:



They spent the entire day of 12/8 in Johannesburg and should be able to claim per diem for this leg of the trip, since theoretically, all meals were consumed in Johannesburg. They should be able to claim per diem at the Johannesburg rate but since they traveled to Frankfurt before the day ended, the per diem is being calculated at the Frankfurt rate. We can change the arrival rate location to Johannesburg so that the per diem rate is calculated correctly, but the expense report still shows the city of purchase as Frankfurt, Germany (which is inaccurate).  Is there a way to update the expense report to recognize the per diem with the correct vendor city?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@trc22 Where did the employee travel from to arrive in Johannesburg? If I'm looking at this itinerary, it looks to me that the user's starting destination was Johannesburg and then traveled to Frankfurt. 


Is Johannesburg where this employee lives or did they travel to Johannesburg from their home country?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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