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Date range closing rather than Monthly

Hi Team,


We currently use concur expense monthly. I mean , each claim contains transactions of each month. and after submitting the month claim, the following month claim is created automatically.  But we prefer to change the setting to say 25 of each month to the 24th of the following month. I am not sure, how  change the setting(s) and also not sure the following date range claim( 26th of  the current month to 24th of the next month)will be created automatically. 


we need this to have a better month end closing( more time to review expenses etc).


Thanks for your help.


Best regards,

Valy Shiri

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ValyShiri Hello there. Unfortunately there isn't an option to change the setting for automatic creation of expense reports. The only way this is possible is if your company was using Purchasing Cards instead of corporate credit cards and had Statement Reports set up. 


The only option I can think of is to turn off Expense Assistant and advise your employees that reports should be created and submitted by the 25th of each month. Then advise approvers of what day reports should be approved by. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

@Thank you KevinD. really appreciated.

I will try your solution and will share the result here.