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Daily allowance not included in approved expense

Recently I created expense claim using the available expense option showing to me in dashboard. While submitting I selected to opt for daily allowance. I did not combine the two separate itinerary of single trip, I was not aware that I have to combine these expenses. These two expenses have been approved but daily allowance part is not included (I received only itinerary cost).

Can I claim only the daily expense part separately by creating new claim?

Kindly suggest if there is any option to claim the missing part.

Super User
Super User

Your report can only be returned to add those if it hasn't batched, but based on the date, that would not be an option.  You can, if your company allows more than 1 report per month, submit an amendment to the report and add those daily allowances.  I would check with your mgr that this is the way it should be handled.

Nancy Murray