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Daily Allowance Expense Exception

Hello,   I need some help.  Online help is not providing any specific guidance with my issue.   I'm running into a problem with a Daily Allowance Expense on my return trip from the east coast to the west coast.  My flight leaving the east coast was late in the evening and my itinerary generated a Daily Allowance for that day.  I get an exception in Concur stating:

"You have claimed a Travel Allowance without an associated train or overnight stay. Provide an explanation in the Comments field. Note: The red exclamation will be removed after a comment is enter and the form is submitted. "  

I've entered a comment with an explanation and tried submitted the expense report but the exception does not get removed.  Please advise.  


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Super User

This is an issue that is likely tied to your company configuration, however, if you access the "Expenses and Adjustments" in the report, there should be a way to click and exclude the day or the individual meals for that day. I suspect that if you mark the day as "exclude' that it will turn off the exception.


Additionally, many of those errors may not disappear until after you submit the report, as there are triggers that force a redetermination of those parameters, so it could be that your error has been resolved, but the report just has not yet encountered a trigger to redetermine that exception.